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AGRICULTURE                  INDUSTRY                 SERVICE    TRANSPORT       

1.  Orange Cultivation               Barbed Wire Manufact        BeautyParlour  Autorickshaw

2. Papaya Cultivation               Bindi Manufacturing            Grocery Shop    Trax Cruiser

3. Vegetable cultivation            Bone Mill Manufactuting      Cycle Repairing

4. Banana Cultivation           Broom Making                            Furniture Shop

5. Amwal Paste                      Campher Manufacturing       Readymade Garments 

6. Mehandi Manufacturing       Cardboard Manufacturing     Roadside Dhaba

7.Cotton seed oil                    Cement Jalli Manufacturing  Concrete Mixers

8. Cereal Grader                             Coal Briquettes                           Repair of two  wheeler

9. Cotton Grinning                           Earthern Pottery

10.Chironji Extract                           Elastic Tapes

11.Herbal Collection                      Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing

12.Bee Keeping                              Hollow Blocks

13. Agriculture Service                   Hosiery 

14.Bone Mill                                    Jute Products

15.Bear Churan                              Leaf Cups Manufacturing

16. Cattle Feed                                Offset  Printing

17. Seedless Tamarind cake     Packed Drinking Water

18. Dairy Farming                         Paper Napkins

19. Sheep Farming                      Phenol Manufacturing  

20. Goat Farming                         Tube  Vulcanizing

21. Fish Farming                          Rolling Shutter Manufacturing

22. Mushroom cutivation            School Bag Manufacturing

23 Pig Rearing                             Silver Ornament Manufacturing

24 Mixed Vegetable afrming      Sindoor Manufacturing

25.Poultry layer Farming            Shoe Assemble

26.Vermi Composting                Handmade Paper

27.Sericulture                              Agriculture Equipments MAnufacturing

28.Medicinal&Aromatic Plant   Bamboo Furniture Manufacturing      

                                                        Bricks Manufacturing   

                                                        Umbrella Manufacturing 

                                                        Mustard Oil Expeller

                                                        Spices Grinding